We Know Charter Schools

Fillmore Real Estate is the sixth largest real estate broker and the largest independent broker in New York City. The Charter School Division, located at Corporate Headquarters in the Commercial Department, is New York City′s most experienced charter school broker. Our Commercial team provides turnkey solutions to meet the needs of charter schools in all five Boroughs.

Our school support service includes: a network of developers, financial institutions and landlords to build school facilities. Additionally, our team has developed a solid working relationship with the Diocese of Brooklyn and the Archdiocese of New York. These relationships have successfully served the charter community by providing incubator and permanent school facilities throughout New York City.

Despite the strong national and regional commitment to new school development, launching charter schools is not without challenge. The charter school may lack access to ready and affordable capital. The risk and uncertainties of real estate planning and facility development may pose a daunting task. Fillmore Commercial′s Charter School Division has met the challenge.

Our team has developed a network of developers, financial institutions and landlords to deliver exciting school facilities with no cash outlay from the schools. Fillmore Commercial′s skills and services relieve the burden of navigating one of the most complex and competitive real estate marketplaces in the world. Fillmore assumes the responsibility for planning, building,developing and financing school properties. Fillmore Commercial works collaboratively with all stakeholders to meet the individual school′s needs with no fee to the charter entity.

Understanding Charter School Needs

One of Fillmore´s greatest strengths is its fundamental understanding of charter school needs and objectives.

We can help assess both immediate and long-term space requirements, and find solutions to both. New school applicantsmay need to identify space outside the Department of Education′s properties. Fillmore successfully identifies incubator andpermanent facilities for the applicant. There is never a fee to the charter for this service. Fillmore readily incorporates the school′sspecific curriculum needs into a holistic educational space. Fillmore shares the vision of the value and benefits ofCharter Schools as an agent of change in the community. For more than forty years, Fillmore′s commitment to thecommunities it serves has been demonstrated by its successful client partnerships.

Whether you are looking for valuable commercial property sales, for-lease listings, or analytic market research, discover the benefit of using Fillmore Commercial, call 718-368-2900.

Empowering you with our expertise:

Needs Analysis -- Charter school teams fully understand their educational needs; however, translating these needs into facility requirements can be a complex process.

Before a site is selected, Fillmore works closely with schools to assess their capacity and design parameters. How much classroom space is required? How much non-classroom space? What are curriculum specific needs (e.g. labs, music and dance rooms.) What are the school′s long term expansion plans?

Site Analysis -- Once basic needs are determined, Fillmore plays a major role in potential site analysis and selection. With its deep understanding of a number of New York neighborhoods. Fillmore can help a school focus on appropriate locations and promising sites. Our charter school clients understand that Fillmore′s relationships with a number of critical stakeholders have helped them in the planning process. Fillmore has the capability and skill to negotiate terms within the parameters of the school′s budget and facility needs.

Our cooperative network of developers, financial institutions and landlords work closely with Fillmore and the schools to deliver desired facilities.

Fillmore is playing a central role in helping school districts foster successful charter schools. We have eight schools open and operating in the New York City metropolitan area. We are an approved vendor for the NYC Charter School Institute and have the recommendation of the New York State Charter School Association. We support Futures in Education program, have sat on the boards of the Brooklyn Economic Development Corporation (BEDC) and the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.

Fillmore brings expert negotiating skills and a number of advantages to its relationships with Charter Schools.

No Fee Support- Strong history of advising charter schools and supporting their facility requirements from application to operation at no cost to the schools.

Developer Specialist- Fillmore has a powerful network of real estate owners, developers and corporate builders who work with charters on their facilities.

Expertise...With 501(c)3 corporations and the nature of a no capital corporation. Fillmore has the capacity to build schools with no dollar outlay from the charter.