We Know Commercial Real Estate

Fillmore is the sixth largest real estate broker and the largest independent broker in New York today. The Commercial Division, located at Corporate Headquarters, provides the unbiased commercial property information you need to make confident buy, sell, and lease or hold decisions.

For over 40 years, we′ve been empowering our commercial customers and those in the development industry to achieve greater success through our vast network of expert knowledge and services. Today, our reach is more extensive than ever. Our customers now tap into our expansive state-wide information and vast array of diversified services, and gain a complete picture of opportunities available across a variety of markets.

They find Fillmore Commercial makes it easy for them to be an informed buyer, as well as an effective seller. I invite you to take advantage of our full range of commercial services today...and see the difference the Fillmore reach can make.

UNCOVER THE BEST DEALS WITH UNMATCHED COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE EXPERTISE. We unleash your "deal making" potential through the power of our expertise. Whether you′re looking for real estate information about available space or selling commercial property, find the competitive edge you need with Fillmore Commercial. Get a more complete picture of the marketplace - not just a listing of the properties for sale or lease.

Delve into details like occupancy history, rental rates, and key market information that may influence property value. With this caliber of reliable, accurate information and timely service, we give you the competitive edge.

We Empower You To:

• Quickly match your criteria to find properties for sale or lease

• Analyze market conditions and set winning property positions

• Stay on top of the market with late-breaking news

• Verify sales information on properties

• Reduce risk by getting a more accurate value on commercial transactions

• Find the right tenants from a qualified profile database

• Reach your market in the digital marketplace with free property listings on Fillmore.com

• Gain high market exposure every month with premium advertising

• GaSave time and money

Whether you are looking for valuable commercial property sales, for-lease listings, or analytic market research, discover the benefit of using Fillmore Commercial, call 718-368-2900.

Let's Get Together And See What Develops!

Every strategy. Every product. Certainly every real estate transaction. Fillmore Commercial stems from the simple concept that information is power. Though we certainly didn’t conjure up that one, we have taken it to heart. In fact, when Fillmore Real Estate founder and CEO William J. Reinhardt, Sr. began shaping his ideas for Fillmore Real Estate back in 1966, nowhere was the ‘information is power’ theme more evident than in the fiercely competitive and, yes, information-driven world of commercial real estate. To commercial real estate professionals — brokers, lenders, developers, and investors

We've made it a life-long goal to always be in the know when it comes to what, when, where and why our customers and clients should buy or sell a certain piece of commercial real estate. That's why we staked claim to...We Know Commercial!

Fillmore Commercial was born with the single notion that continues to drive everything we do: Empower our commercial customer — and anyone else who can benefit from it — with quality information and services. Real data that’s comprehensive, reliable and up-to-date, and extraordinary services that bring the deal into reality.

That, and having the right people.

Fillmore Commercial provides services to free up time for it′s commercial customers to do what they do best: Make Deals. We do the work so they don′t have to! This exhaustive effort is vital to ensure the highest quality information and service to every customer.

Fillmore′s powerful sales force keeps in close touch with the feelings and perspectives of their customers. Whether it′s finding space and positioning buildings effectively, finding an asset′s ′precise′ value, or identifying prospects for vacant space, Fillmore Commercial is at work in virtually every aspect of the New York commercial real estate market.

The People...

Some companies have the right idea. Others have superb information. Many hire good people. Humbly speaking, Fillmore Commercial has ALL THREE. In our business; you have to! Commercial real estate is a highly competitive yet intimate world marked by personal wisdom, countless phone calls, and expectant handshakes. Relationships mean everything. That′s why Fillmore Commercial continues to team up with unique professionals who know commercial real estate inside and out and who know how to connect with people.

Our powerful sales team is comprised of keenly analytical professionals, tireless men and women who motivate and drive themselves to build their referral sources, maintain phenomenal relationships with their existing clients, and constantly stay updated on countless commercial opportunities for them and future customers. And it shows. We Know!

Fillmore′s development professionals work in intimate, hands-on team environments to build cutting-edge applications that facilitate the collection and presentation of comprehensive commercial information for Fillmore′s network of agents. They are true industry intellectuals who nurture our ideas and refine our technology.

Our Sales and Customer Support people do whatever it takes to service, train, inform, and keep our customers and clients happy.

This concerted team effort means our customers will continue to stay a step ahead of market conditions, quickly identify prospects, minimize their costs, and maximize their volume of transactions.

And, after all, no one is more important than our customers!